Life Energy Coaching

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Are you fed up of repeating the same mistakes over and over so nothing changes?

Dissatisfied with your job, your relationship/s, or sick of everything that’s not working in your life?

You’ve tried conventional methods – seen psychologists, tried antidepressants and still nothing has changed?
You know there’s got to be more to life than this, but you don’t know what.

Are you ready to embrace change, to make a real difference and start living your best life?

As a life energy coach I help a client release the attachments that are getting in the way of them living their best life.

You will:

  • Gain clarity of purpose and know the next best steps to take
  • Gain confidence to make positive life changes
  • find your unique balance and stay strong when the winds of change blow
  • increase your ability to open and receive more of what you want in life
  • enhance your intuition
  • enjoy success and happiness on your terms

I take you through a three-step process:

  1. Transform: help you identify where the barriers are and energetically transform them, enabling a shift in thinking and an expansion of choices.
  2. Strengthen: guide you to create an action plan with heart and brain coherence.
  3. Connect: with Mind, Body and Soul, so everything flows.

Both One on One and Small Group Coaching available.

If you would like a FREE 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit for life energy coaching, or would like to book a session, click on the contact button below.

The Grace Method

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The Grace Method and Omshakti Energy Healing are powerful and proven ways to:

  • relieve pain
  • break the cycle so you don’t keep making the same mistakes again and again
  • change the part of your life that isn’t working for you
  • get to the core of your stress
  • allow you to take control of your life

They helped me take control of mine.

How The Grace Method Works

It works by going back to where that original belief was taken on – often in the first seven years of life when your framework of beliefs is programmed into your subconscious – and rewires the neural pathways so you no longer have those same beliefs and change is instigated. The circuit that you kept repeating will no longer be firing.
You then replace your old beliefs with a new program to move your life forward.

As a Grace Method Practitioner I guide you through this simple, yet powerful technique to raise your frequency and create the change.

The Grace Method can be done in a couple of different ways:

  • either in person
  • equally as powerful online, via zoom.

Omshakti Energy Healing


OMSHAKTI HEALING is based on ancient wisdom and incorporates The Grace Method, crystals, singing bowls, intuition and creates a powerful energy transformation using both the clients and the practitioners energy to create energy flow and restore balance. The client leaves having their frequency raised, feeling so much lighter and having a greater awareness.

Omshakti Healing is conducted in person.
If you would like a FREE 15 min consultation to see if The Grace Method or Omshakti healing is right for you, or would like to book a session, click on the  CONTACT BUTTON  below.


Yoga - services

‘It’s all in the breath’

Hatha translated: ha meaning ‘sun’ and tha meaning ‘moon’ refers to the balance of masculine (active, hot, sun) and feminine (receptive, cool, moon) within all of us. Yoga exercises have a holistic effect and bring body, mind, consciousness and soul into balance. In this way Yoga assists us in coping with everyday demands, problems and worries. Yoga helps to develop a greater understanding of our self and the purpose of life. Jodi uses the breath to instruct and guide you through yoga poses. By intuitively reading the energy of the class she provides a body, mind and soul connection, having you leave the class feeling grounded and with more clarity.


Who: All levels welcome
Where: Parish Centre, Upper Hall, (behind St James and Emmanuel Church), 6 Barlow Moor Rd, Didsbury, M20 6TR
When: Mon 6pm – 7pm
Investment: £8 walk in, or £35 for 5 weeks

Private and small group classes also available on enquiry.



Meditation produces a clearing of the mind by deliberately focusing the attention to bring about feelings of calm and heightened energy and awareness. Regular meditation offers many health benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety. Jodi guides you through the process to achieve clarity.

Come and join Jodi for an hour of meditation
When: Fridays 1130am - 1230pm
Where: Healthy Spirit, 37 Barlow Moor Rd, M20 6 TW.
Cost: by donation
All levels welcome