The Grace Method

“I had never heard of The Grace Method and had just met Jodi Law on a mindful retreat when I connected with her. I loved her energy and trusted her to work on me. I was having a combination of jetlag and a persistent chest cold. I knew I was dealing with some personal issues I needed to process. I went into the session with Jodi with no expectations and spoke from my heart. Jodi made me feel comfortable and able to be transparent and vulnerable, which is honestly the only way to receive healing. Within an hour of her working with me, the mucous that had been drowning me for days was gone. I was truly amazed at how fast and effective this method worked to release me from the physical symptoms and free my mind to be present for the rest of the conference.

By the end of the conference my teenage daughter was receiving the benefits of Jodi’s practice and has shifted into a more confident and focused person, excited about her life. I am forever grateful to Jodi and The Grace Method.”

Kim Mcdonnel,

“I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to experience The Grace Method with Jodi. Beforehand I was unsure what to expect. It was one of the most enlightening and surreal experiences of my life. Jodi talked me through my feelings and helped me to find peace with an ongoing issue in my life that I felt I had no control over and was upsetting to me.”

Narelle Dixon,
Bendigo, Victoria

“I’m quite a stressful person and also have a stressful job which doesn’t help my mental health at times.  Jodi explained how the Grace Method works, what the session involves and what I could get out of it. I found it very helpful, a lot of emotions came out and Jodi was supportive throughout the entire session. At the end of the session I felt a calming wave come over me and a tight knot release in my chest, I felt more relaxed and in control of my emotions.”

Charlotte McMillan,
Bendigo, Victoria

Omshakti Energy Healing

“Jodi Law is a healer whose true power is her empathetic intuition which allows her to accurately access my challenges and unexpressed hurts and fears. She is very connected to wisdom and after working with her – my physical body adjusted itself back to its healthy form. I was energized. My emotions were more stable and clearer. She does her work with clarity, compassion, and with intensity and intent. This makes her powerful.”

Marion Neubronner,

“My OmShakti experience with Jodi Law was extremely memorable and worthwhile. Under the guidance of Jodi’s expertise, and the accompanying beautiful sound of a quartz singing bowl, I felt exceptionally relaxed at all times. The therapy itself, although subtle, helped shift and bring many unexpected and intense emotions, visualisations and past truths to the surface for recognition and release.

At the end of my session, I felt really calm and peaceful. I am so happy and grateful that I had the opportunity to experience an OmShakti, and still feel like it is continuing to work positively in my life, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to seriously improve the quality of their life.”

Bendigo, Australia.

“Having never had an OmShakti Heling before I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that with Jodi’s intuitive, supporting and caring nature, she would help me look within, to find the answers to a particular situation in my life. Words can not express the transformation of my energy vibration. She shifted blocks and helped me find answers. I felt so much lighter.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, I left her session with a clear vision and things haven’t been the same since. I am very grateful to have met her. Thank you.

Susanne Monotti,
Bendigo, Vic, Australia.

“It was when I started doing OmShakti sessions with her, I really was able to express what was buried deep inside me, without fear or even knowledge that it was even there…. Holding me back. She held a safe space for me to open up and grow, without fear, and I cannot thank her enough. She is passionate about your future and I would highly recommend working with her.”

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.


“I met Jodi during meditation classes and took to her directness straight away. It was clear she was ready to open up and learn more, she was there to help people question what their soul needed. She was willing to put in the work for not only her future, but that of her clients.”

Amanda, Bendigo,

“Jodi’s yoga and meditation sessions allowed me to enter a contemplative and nurturing space, where I could exercise my body and mind.

She cares about healing individuals and is committed to enabling others to personally grow and develop. I’ve enjoyed Jodi’s enthusiasm and sharing of knowledge; she creates a friendly, safe, caring environment to explore life’s complexities.”

Secondary School Teacher,
Bendigo, Victoria

“Jodi’s yoga classes present an uplifting environment that leave you feeling nourished and empowered at the end of each class.”

Jo, Bendigo,


“I first started participating in Jodi’s yoga classes in 2017 as I was needing assistance with core strengthening for my back as well as relaxation after busy and stressful days at work. Jodi would explain all poses in depth, as I was new to yoga I was unsure of how to do certain poses and through this she successfully helped facilitate in strengthening my back. I was also amazed at how relaxing I found yoga. As a highly stressed person, her yoga helped to calm and de-stress my mind which helped me sleep better as well as be more prepared for the next working day.”

Bendigo, Victoria.

“I started doing yoga with her and found her instruction both professional and fun.”

Bendigo, Australia.

“Jodi’s yoga classes present an uplifting environment that leave you feeling nourished and empowered at the end of each class.”

Jo, Bendigo,